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Testing Tour #6: Accessibility Testing with Viv Richards!

  This year has definitely been a rollercoaster ride and I wanted to have small victories to signify that I have been resilient during  times of distress. One of those was to wrap up my testing tour which I had happily kickstarted in the beginning of the year!  Huge thanks to Viv, for agreeing to be on my testing tour and ending the year on a high note! Cheers! :) Viv and I took the role of driver and navigator interchangeably, which led to a wonderful pairing and learning session. We discussed  and played around with the chrome lens plugin and MAC OSX inbuilt voiceover capability.  Chrome lens plugin Viv explained to me about the power of chrome lens plugin - ChromeLens is a set of developer tools that allow developers to code  websites better suited for the visually impaired. The three tools that are currently available are: Filters to experience a website as a blind or colorblind person. Scanners to audit the accessibility readiness of a website.  Trackers to visually show the path

Testing Tour #5: Exploring the observability world with Abby Bangser!

  Abby was such a pleasure to work with! We originally planned to discuss about observability but when we started our session,  as I was already familiar with the tools (as we use it at work), Abby quickly shifted gears and asked how she could help me.  The challenge I was facing then was to extract the test failure count from jenkins test results and project it on a dashboard    in Grafana. Being new to Grafana and wavefront query language, I shared my objective with Abby. I learnt that the Wavefront Query Language  lets you retrieve and display the data that has been ingested into Wavefront. Time series data The query language is particularly well suited to time series data, because it accommodates the  periodicity, potential irregularity, and streaming nature of that data type. Histograms The query language includes functions for manipulating histograms. Traces and spans Use the tracing UI to query traces and spans. So, what is a query?  In order to understand that, we examined t