Book Review: Leading Quality + Meeting notes by Tristan Lombard

  Leading Quality is one of the best pragmatic books I have come across, similar to another book titled “Team Topologies”.  Authors Ronald Cummings and Owais Peer have compiled and categorized the book into 3 different sections catering to audiences  from different backgrounds.    Here are my insights from the book : The original SDLC process mimicked the lean manufacturing and kaizen principles.  Lean manufacturing evolved into total quality management principles that focused on providing value to the customer.  One of my favorite quotes from the book: Continuous deployment without quality is just delivering continuous  bugs to your customer.   The 3 C’s are key to successful implementation of quality: customer issues lead to company issues which eventually  impact your career.  Connect the work of your quality teams to business outcomes.  Section I outlines how one can become a leader of quality by defining the quality narrative.  Audience : This section is crucial for someone starti

Devops Book Review: Team Topologies

 Here are my insights from reading the team topologies book: *         I never knew that organizational structures mirrored communication paths! Interesting revelation!! This is based on Conway’s law. For example our QE team was reporting to a Head of Quality who in turn reported to Head of TPM. Then we had a reorg and now the QE team was moved under Head of Infra. Applying Conway’s law, Infrastructure team is more of a enabling team and that is similar to what QEs do - they enable developers to produce better quality products! Have you ever wondered why teams go through rounds of reorgs? Reorgs within companies happen to improve team interaction modes and the 3 main interaction modes are: *          Collaboration *         X-as-a service *         Facilitating QEs are either embedded within feature teams or centralized in some companies.  These are not necessarily related to company culture alone but due to the following 4 fundamental topologies: *          Stream aligned team : Teams

Testing Tour #6: Accessibility Testing with Viv Richards!

  This year has definitely been a rollercoaster ride and I wanted to have small victories to signify that I have been resilient during  times of distress. One of those was to wrap up my testing tour which I had happily kickstarted in the beginning of the year!  Huge thanks to Viv, for agreeing to be on my testing tour and ending the year on a high note! Cheers! :) Viv and I took the role of driver and navigator interchangeably, which led to a wonderful pairing and learning session. We discussed  and played around with the chrome lens plugin and MAC OSX inbuilt voiceover capability.  Chrome lens plugin Viv explained to me about the power of chrome lens plugin - ChromeLens is a set of developer tools that allow developers to code  websites better suited for the visually impaired. The three tools that are currently available are: Filters to experience a website as a blind or colorblind person. Scanners to audit the accessibility readiness of a website.  Trackers to visually show the path