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Testing Tour #4: Writing a book with Lisa Crispin

Lisa Crispin is popularly known as the co-author of her book on Agile Testing.  In this short session, we explored what motivated Lisa to write her book and her pointers for upcoming  writers!  Problem/Objective/Motive:  Lisa mentioned that when she was working as a tester, she had a lot of questions about implementing  agile methodologies within her team but there was no single book that could answer all of the questions!  Hence the book provides solutions to those questions.  Well, with time, not many folks had the time to flip through 550 pages of the Agile Testing manifesto,  hence she focused on condensing it to a 100 page version.  How to generate ideas Lisa gave good pointers around using a mind map to jot down about the topics anyone wants to write  about. The mind map will give you a visual idea of what/where the content goes into. Mindmeister is a  software tool that helps you draw mind maps in the digital world.  She also shared her experience

Testing Tour #3: Exploring API testing with Maaret Pyhäjärvi

I had a 60 min session with Maaret where we initially discussed my goal for this session - which was  to explore any open source API and write unit tests. Given Maaret comes with extensive experience,  she suggested to start simple using the Gilded Rose Kata for our session.  She already had the project setup on her laptop, so when we paired via zoom, we were able to  switch control to write tests on her IDE. The first 20-25 mins, we spent trying to understand the  requirements outlined here .  Introduction : Gilded Rose is an inn in a prominent city where they buy and sell goods.  Our task is to test this system based on the rules laid out.These were the basic ground rules: All items have a SellIn value which denotes the number of days we have to sell the item All items have a Quality value denoting how valuable it is At the end of each day, our system lowers both values for each item There were more rules concerning each type of item - which is where it gets inter