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Devops Book Review: Team Topologies

 Here are my insights from reading the team topologies book: *         I never knew that organizational structures mirrored communication paths! Interesting revelation!! This is based on Conway’s law. For example our QE team was reporting to a Head of Quality who in turn reported to Head of TPM. Then we had a reorg and now the QE team was moved under Head of Infra. Applying Conway’s law, Infrastructure team is more of a enabling team and that is similar to what QEs do - they enable developers to produce better quality products! Have you ever wondered why teams go through rounds of reorgs? Reorgs within companies happen to improve team interaction modes and the 3 main interaction modes are: *          Collaboration *         X-as-a service *         Facilitating QEs are either embedded within feature teams or centralized in some companies.  These are not necessarily related to company culture alone but due to the following 4 fundamental topologies: *          Stream aligned team : Teams