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Testing Tour #2: Pairing with Lisa Crispin: Contributing to Gherkin open source documentation

PR Link : Duration : 60 mins My second session with Lisa Crispin turned out to be a strong style pairing session as each of us  assumed the driver/navigator role. Lisa was already working on adding better documentation on explaining declarative vs imperative style  of Gherkin. Am a complete noob with regard to Cucumber/Gherkin and Lisa was briefly explained  the what/how behind it. Her PR was already in progress and she needed help navigating via IntelliJ  and git commands which I was familiar with. Based on my understanding: Cucumber is a testing tool that supports behavior driven development.  BDD is a way for software teams to close the gap between business and technical people. It defines  application behavior using simple English text defined by a language called Gherkin .  Cucumber was initially implemented in Ruby and then extended to Java framework and it supports  JUnit as well. All the stakeholders: developers,

Testing Tour #1: Pairing with Lisi Hocke: API Testing

We had a 90 min pairing session. Lisi was very calm, composed and very organized in her approach. I had already cloned the restful booker platform application onto my laptop but was having trouble running the server with the following error: Waiting for RBP to turn onError: Unable to access jarfile room/target /restful-booker-platform-room-*-SNAPSHOT.jar Error: Unable to access jarfile assets/api/target/restful-booker- platform-assets-*-SNAPSHOT.jar Error: Unable to access jarfile message/target/restful-booker- platform-message-*-SNAPSHOT.jar Error: Unable to access jarfile booking/target/restful-booker- platform-booking-*-SNAPSHOT.jar On looking closer, Lisi found this error in the console: Error: Cannot find module 'http-proxy' Then she told me to check the prerequisites for this application, which were: Node should be 12.0.3 and npm should be 6.12.0 But I was running an upgraded version of the same, which we thought shouldn’t be throwing that error.